Neodimensional City | Greetings from Morocco

Posted from Beni Mellal, Tadla-Azilal, Morocco.

Benin Mellal (Morocco),  the hight school’s Mediateca – meeting: Valentino Piazza (director ong Progettomondo MLAL), Solstizio and Coordinators schools in Benin Mellal.

The NGO ProgettoMondo MLAL of Verona deals with the theme of contemporary migration in various areas of the planet. Giuseppe Stampone is an artist dealing with relational art and public art; he produced the work Greetings from…as a reflection on the migration phenomenon of our time, through putting the viewer in the condition of those who arrive in ‘another’ place, in another version of the present. The art piece has become a connection between art and social through the mediation of Solstizio.