SOLSTIZIO is a project based on artistic interventions in which the new generations take part, and deals with global contemporary themes, such as environment, social conflicts and sustainable economies. Its structure is that of the social networks, from which different ways of observation and analysis of the surrounding realities are disseminated.
Solstizio founded in 2008  by integrating the artistic experiences of Giuseppe Stampone and Maria Crispal with shared projects; It developed with the collaboration of Emidio Sciannella (coordinator didactical projects) and Davide Sottanelli. Solstizio relies also on the support and the partecipation of the international mass-mediologist Derrick de Kerckhove and of other various artists, architects, sociologists, pedagogues, anthropologists and social operators.
The Solstizio’s laboratories have spread over different areas of the planet thanks to the interaction of territorial and web communities, which are in turn funded by the European Union, Public and Private Institutions, Universities, Museums, Associations, Foundations and NGOs.
The main actions of Solstizio are directed to the EU programs Art&Earth and We Are Planet (Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development), which are based on innovative artistic projects in support of the 1st and 7th Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. Moreover, its objective is that of raising financial resources in favor of the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Neodimensional centers are the places whereby experiences of the projects can be collected and the construction of a relationship platform between training structures, Institutions and citizenship can be promoted. The main centres are located in Italy at the University of Teramo and Civitella del Tronto (TE), they have connection places with other centres coordinated by Solstizio using its own network extended in several worldwide cities, such as New York, London, as well as, sub-Saharian regions that bring together musicians, artists, researchers, and other associations of the like. The spaces are also a meeting and methodological exchange moment between all the involved actors and as a place to make visible the expected results of the activities and their projects.
The projects emerge as meeting points among artistic explorations, socio-didactic actions and the experiences of all those who go through them. Their elaboration is the result of sharing in the context of the collaboration with NGOs, universities, research groups, educational institutions. The different projects address the main issues in the globalized world such as emigration, economic and cultural conflicts, care of hydric resources, environmental issues and the connection of territories through the use of didactics applied to the new media and to the diverse artistic expressions. The support for its realization comes from public entities, regional, national and European (universities, European Union, Regions, Provinces, Cities) and from private ones of different affiliation (foundations, NGOs, associations) which co-fund the actions.



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Derrick De Kerckhove about Solstizio – Naples IT 2009