Logo Art&EarthArt&Earth is a development education project designed and developed by the partner Solstizio in cooperation with ProgettoMondo Mlal and promoted by the Vicenza City Council in partnership with the City Councils of Czestokowa (Poland) and Osjek (Croatia). Art&Earth is an artistic-didactic project which targets children and teenagers from kindergarten to secondary school with the objective of educating them and raising their awareness on the subject of the 1st Millennium Development Goal and on the situation in Burkina Faso, in order to implement concrete international solidarity actions. The didactic and artistic inspiration behind the project comes from the global art activity, known as “Acquerelli per non sprecare la vita” (“Watercolours not to waste life”) of artist Giuseppe Stampone, developed and publicized by the Solstizio project, which uses art as a tool for raising awareness on global issues. Thanks to the experience made available by ProgettoMondo Mlal in the field of global citizenship education issues, and the contribution for Municipality of Vicenza which has been active for over 10 years in providing teaching and training programmes for schools, this project is able to pursue the ambitious objective of combining the work of both private and public players in raising awareness in the civil community on the fight against poverty.


  • City of Vicenza (Italia)
  • NGO ProgettoMondo Mlal (Italia)
  • City of Czestochowa (Poland)
  • City of Osijek (Croatia)
  • AFC/Munyu (Burkina Faso)


  • Ufficio Scolastico Regionale Marche (Italy)
  • APT Ambito territoriale Regione Veneto (Italy)
  • NGO Breza (Croatia)
  • Miejskie Przedszkole nr 38 (Poland)
  • Università di Teramo (Italy)
  • IULM Milano (Italy)




  • Doc Film H2O Game Over by Giuseppe Stampone
  • Web Platform The water of the tales
  • Show project in India


EU Project Art&Earth 2009 – 2012 | Acquerelli – by Giuseppe Stampone