We are the Planet

watp_logoWe are the Planet is a project designed and developed by the partner Solstizio in cooperation with ProgettoMondo Mlal and promoted by the Province of Teramo as Lead partner. Other project’s partners are the Diputacion of Avila (Spain), the Municipality of Nova Gorica (Slovenia)and the Municipality of Strovolos (Cyprus). Associated partners are the Regional development agency of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Actions et Développement Association operating in Benin. We are the planet is aimed at promoting an innovative artistic and didactic intervention to support the environmental development education through the creation of 4 didactic centres – neodimensional spaces – (one for each project country) where laboratories will be implemented on visual arts (Architecture of Intelligence by Giuseppe Stampone), on performance (Ecoslogong by Maria Crispal) and on music (Earthbeats by Emidio Sciannella). To this aim the cooperation with the University of Teramo is essential. The University will offer a room to host the Italian didactic centre. Another principal action is the activation of sustainable museums (Children museums) where products realized during laboratories will be showed. The last event of We are the planet will be public and organised simultaneously in the squares of four partner countries. A Cyber Park, that is a public park with free wireless connection, will be realized. Giuseppe Stampone’s work will be showed and will consist on the creation of four connective wells aimed at establishing a real time relationship between passing people.
We are the planet! project will culminate in a final public event that will be carried out, at the same time, in the squares of the four country partners and that foresees the creation of the Cyber Park, a public park connected with free access wireless. The art work of Giuseppe Stampone will be represented by the construction of four connective wells with the aim to establish a relationship, in real time, with passers who can communicate with users of other squares, leaning from the wells. The event will be amplified on the web through the video streaming and it will be replicated in the three dimensional worlds of Second Life.


  • Boromo Tanghin (Burkina Faso)
  • Sepounga Tchanwassaga (Benin)
  • City of Strovolos (Cyprus)
  • Province of Teramo (Italy)
  • NGO ProgettoMondo Mlal (Italy)
  • City of Nova Gorica (Slovenia)
  • Diputacione de Avila (Spain)


  • Keeogo (Burkina Faso and Benin)
  • Regional Development Agency of Nova Gorica (Slovenia)
  • Actions et Développement Association operating (Burkina Faso and Benin)


  • Region of Abruzzo (Italy)
  • City of Teramo (Italy)
  • APT Ufficio Scolastico Teramo (Italy)
  • NGO ProgettoMondo Mlal (Italy)
  • University of Teramo (Italy)
  • Gran Sasso Laga



  • Architecture of Intelligence – interactive installation by Giuseppe Stampone
  • Human Flags e Emotional Performance by Maria Crispal
  • Cd whit musicist by Emidio Sciannella and Julia Kent – Doc Film


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