We Are the Planet | Exchanges with Burkinabe and Beninese schools

Posted from Atakora, Benin.


We are the Planet promotes learning exchanges and solidarity among European and African schools. Since April 2013 until the end of the project, the Partnership will cooperate with Burkinabé and Beninese communities, educational institutions and NGOs’ representatives to establish long lasting relations in the view of promoting cultural mutual understanding and spreading a global perspective on environmental sustainability.

Our learning community grows ::: Two schools in Burkina Faso and two in Benin joined our project! In the next months, the 4 African schools will cooperate with the EU territories to further reinforce We Are The Planet educational mission. Environmental challenges are of a global concern; the richest countries as well as the poorest communities living on our Planet have to stand united for a common goal: a more sustainable world for future generations! Discover the four schools twinned with the project…

Friends & Suitcases ::: European students will discover habits, customs and lifestyles of their African peers through an exciting exchange of objects, drawings and other items chosen by pupils themselves among things that symbolically describe their realities. A suitcase might give birth to new friendships …

Take action with We Are The Planet! ::: Only one target: to raise 10.600 € to make 4 micro-projects become a reality for African schools. European students will be protagonist of a fund raising campaign carried out in the EU territories along which pupils and youths will be boost to undertake an experience of activism and social engagement in the field of 7th MDG. Commitment and creativity of youths will be pivotal to reach the objective! The first round of micro-events co-planned and managed by EU students is scheduled for the end of the 2012/2013 school year. Discover the 4 micro-projects supported by We Are The Planet… 

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