We are the Planet | Fundraising Christmas Event in Italy

Posted from Castelli, Abruzzo, Italy.


Biodiversity Tree whit the Christmas Balls drawn by the school-children of Castelli and made by the students of  National Art Institute in Ceramic “FA Grue”.

the Christmas Balls were bought by the parents for the fundraising Project We are the Planet..

Help us with your commitment, creativity and enthusiasm to make the 4 projects on environmental sustainability, sustainable development and the right to study come a reality in Burkinabé and Beninese schools!

WATER AT SCHOOL ::: School of TANGHIN  – The school of Tanghin has no running water. Every day, teachers and students walk long distances to collect the water they need. We Are the Planet! wants to provide the school of Tanghin with potable water by connecting the school to the village’s hydro infrastructures To have running potable water will positively impact on the living standards of students and teachers by: improving the hygienic conditions of 285 students and school staff, improving the health of students, teachers and their families, avoiding long distances to stock water and save time to study.

READ AND LEARN ::: School “E” of Boromo – Study and learn in the school of Boromo “E” is not that simple. Educational equipments and materials are insufficient: there is a lack of notebooks, pens, pencils, colors, maps, computers, printers. Moreover, the shortage of books impedes students to fall in love with reading. Through We Are The Planet! we want to ensure to our friends improved learning opportunities and enhance the quality of teaching materials and resources. A special gift will be made to deserving and elder students: a subscription to the Boromo reading center. With our help, 176 boys and girls will thus discover the beauty of books, broaden their horizons of knowledge and occupy better their free time. The reading center of Boromo will also offer an adequate after school space where students can do their homework and prepare exams.

CHAIRS&SCHOOL DESKS ::: School of Tchanwassaga – Teaching and learning conditions in the Tchanwassaga school are precarious: three children share a small desk and they barely succeed to read and write. The situation will get worse with the new school year coming, when 40 new students are expected to enroll. With We Are The Planet! we want to ease students and teachers by providing a more comfortable learning environment, while improving the quality of teaching and, consequently, the performances of young students. We will achieve this objective by purchasing new desks and chairs. A small and simple gesture that hides a great value!

SPORT TO GROW ::: School of Sepounga – Physical activity and sport guarantee the healthy and balanced development of young people. Training and game foster the acquisition of civic and social competences, strengthen the spirit of solidarity, value the importance of perseverance and persistence and encourage creativity and maturation of talent. That’s why sports education is part of the school curriculum in Europe as well as in Benin. Unfortunately, the school of Sepounga still not has sufficient resources to set up play areas or to buy sports equipments for their students. With We Are The Planet! we will inaugurate one football and one handball fields within the school’s perimeter and provide equipment and sportswear for young students.

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