We are the Planet | Start Project

Posted from Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy.

We Are the Planet! is a project co-funded by the European Commission within the framework of its Development Education programs.
Lead Partner by the Province of Teramo, the other Italian partners are Solstizio, that conceived and developed the project’s artistic aspects, and the ProgettoMondo Mlal. The project also involves the partnership of the Province of Avila (Spain), the Municipality of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and the Municipality of Strovolos (Cyprus). Associated partners are the Regional Development Agency Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and the association Actions et Développement operating in Burkina Faso and Benin. General aim of We Are the Planet! is to strengthen the common awareness and to mobilize the new generations in regard of the 7th Millennium Goal of the United Nations: the sustainable economy, the right to safe water, the biodiversity protection and the fight against deforestation.
With regard to this objective, the project privileges the means of social communication based on art. We are the Planet! experiments an innovative model of artistic-didactic activity, aiming at supporting the environmental education and the sustainable development: a model focused on the children and the youth as protagonists, and on the synergic integration of public art and educational activities.
The project has several roots:
:::the well-established engagement of the local authorities and the civil society of the Province of Teramo and of the territories Nova Gorica, Avila and Strovolos on topics such as the environment and the sustainable economy;
:::the artistic experimentations of Giuseppe Stampone, the experiences of Solstizio, the support and supervision of Alberto Abruzzese, Derrick De Kerckhove, Julia Kent and Eugenio Viola;
:::the forty years activity of ProgettoMondo Mlal for the development of poor Countries and for the global citizenship education.
The didactic-artistic interventions will be based on the following laboratories:
EARTHBEATS by Emidio Sciannella (www.earth-beats.net)
ECOSLOGONG by Maria Crispal (www.ecoslogong.net)