WHY? War – Connection Car | Belgrade

Posted from Serbia.

The work includes the use of ‘connection cars’ (Citroën 2CV, FIAT 600) which have travelled along roads collecting diverse stories on the theme of war, thus becoming braiframeswhich connect the inside of the installation with its outside, the web’s liquid world with the physical one. With every experience and every new project, the cars undergo alterations in their mechanical parts, becoming paper, thus underlining how the experiences produce real and metaphorical changes in the real world. This path started last year, with many stops, shifts, coming/going, collecting interviews and stories about itself: the whys ofwater andwar (Why? consists in recording, through various means, an open question on the theme of war, water, emigration, etc, a reason why, and put it on the net, making it flow through the social networks and the virtual 3D worlds). One car got to Milan from Teramo, going through Rome, Bologna and other places, collecting theWhysand finally turning itself into an art piece within the Junkbuildingexhibition at the Bovisa Triennale (Milan). Another car reached Belgrade, including The Journey of Hopeinto the story, itself becoming a new connecting art piece within the exhibition space of Palazzo Italia of the Italian Institute of Culture. A few symbolic characters chosen as rule-breakers were included in these works: The Joker, King Kong, the Popess, Pinocchio and StampOne.